Michael is a musician, teacher, martial artist, landlord, real estate agent and all around fun loving guy. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Pennington, NJ he loves to share what he has learned in all areas of his life with people from all over the world.

Mike PointingMichael has been playing music since childhood. Though his first instrument was drums, he soon became adept at all forms of rock instrumentation. He now plays guitar, drums, keyboard, bass guitar and harmonica. He has been playing professionally for 17 years and hopes to continue to do so for the rest of his life. He has performed all over the United States and even in Japan. His main influences include Les Claypool, Buddy Rich, Flea, John Bonham, Victor Wooten, Vincent and Justin Stanley, Julian Rosse, Kevin Reilly, Neil Young and Colin McDonough. Michael can be seen at local venues including Wildflowers in Pennington, The Alchemist and Barrister in Princeton and John and Peters in New Hope.

In addition to performing, Michael is also is an adamant teacher of music. He currently teaches 40 students throughout the Hopewell Township area.

Michael began taking Judo at The College of New Jersey under the tutelage of Dr. Fred Oshel. He has continued to study Judo and has competed throughout the US, UK and in Japan. He is a second degree Black Belt. He currently teaches at the Princeton YMCA in Princeton, NJ.

He taught chemistry and physics at Hopewell Valley Central high school. He ran the Japanese club, was head coach for the "powder puff" girl's football team and had a large part in organizing and running the Hopewell Valley "battle of the bands" competitions.

Michael also enjoys traveling, tennis, surfing, and spending time with his friends and family.

E-mail: mftusay@yahoo.com.